Here at the Mobile Music School, our high quality singing workshops keep us very busy all year round! Singing workshops are really popular in schools. But what is it about these singing workshops that makes them so popular? Read on to learn more about the joy that comes with introducing singing to the classroom!

Singing Workshops- Why They Should Be Introduced to Every Class:

Promotes Teamwork.

Singing workshops promote a group atmosphere in the classroom, and a real sense of teamwork. This sense of teamwork is particularly felt when the class performs a song as a group. Having this teamwork spirit brings so much joy to the classroom, and also translates over to other parts of the school day.

Involves Everyone

The beauty of group singing in the classroom is that everyone can be involved. Children who are shy may not feel comfortable putting up their hand in class, or reading aloud individually, but by singing in a group, this gives them the opportunity to use their voice in the classroom, without being singled out or put on the spot. This in turn may increase participation in shy children, and then encourage them to engage more in other classroom activities. Giving children a confidence boost can mean the world to them, and really allow them to come out of their shells!

Boosts Happiness

Singing boosts our endorphins, which makes us feel happier. In the same way that exercise releases feel good endorphins, singing also gives us this positive boost! This boost of happiness can bring so much joy and positivity to the classroom, and can give children a more positive overall experience of the school day.

Accessible to All Schools

The great thing about singing in the classroom is that it is so accessible! Nearly every person has a functioning voice, and it’s free to use it. No equipment is needed to sing, (apart from resources such as backing tracks, lyric sheets etc), so no matter what your schools financial circumstances, singing is definitely an option. Singing workshops are such a great way to make music available to all classrooms!


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