Here at the Mobile Music School, we really value the importance of primary school music. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality primary school music programmes nationwide. Each year we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes to hundreds of schools, libraries, youth centres and language schools nationwide! Further, each week, our tutors are working hard across the country to provide high quality music education to students. We deliver various different music classes to primary schools, one of these being our Let’s Sing programme. This Let’s Sing programme is extremely popular in primary schools, and we were delighted to be asked to Thornleigh ETNS, where MMS tutor Lorna will be delivering a mix of our Let’s Sing and Let’s Explore Programmes! Lorna will be in Thornleigh for at least twelve weeks, delivering high quality content to the students! For more information on what content Lorna will be delivering, keep reading!

Primary School Music

Let’s Sing

Our Let’s Sing short programme combines singing, technique and movement. Further, the programme frequently incorporates class performances, where the class perform what they have learnt that week. In these workshops, students learn about posture, breathing, vocal technique and projection. Students also learn how to express themselves through music.

Each Let’s Sing programme incorporates plenty of games, with fun-filled ice breaker activities and warm-ups. Further, the students then move on to posture, techniques and breathing. The students are shown how to develop their technique through exercises and warm ups. The children then incorporate these skills learnt during the warm up into the rest of the vocal exercises and activities, which include singing in rounds, games, vowel work and warm up songs.

Throughout each music session, the group will learn all about presence on stage, breathing and posture whilst singing, and voice projection. Each session then culminates in an energetic end-of-session performance. The classes will also cover many many different songs, from The Beatles to Bruno Mars. In addition, working as a team, the students perform weekly, incorporating all the skills they learnt throughout the class that day.


Let’s Explore

When it comes to music for schools, our Let’s Explore programmes deliver a vast array of musical skills. These interactive, fun and activity-based classes aim to enhance each child’s musical awareness and aim to give each child a firm musical foundation.

During classes, students discover that music tells a story. With the help of our professional tutors, they explore the role of the conductor, investigate the importance of percussion, and learn about dynamics, tempo, mood, the beat and rhythm. Students learn and perform songs, compose music using set sounds and play along to music.

This short music programme culminates in a classroom performance of the songs and percussion music learned during the programme.  Our tutors encourage the children to move to music, express themselves through movement and internalize musical concepts. Children also gain the ability to read music notation, understand the concepts of rhythm, pulse, pitch tone and timbre.


Thornleigh ETNS

Lorna will be beginning her lessons in Thornleigh NS on the 9th November, and will be facilitating these lessons for at least twelve weeks. The children have previously taken part in a singing and world music programme, and would like to prepare for a performance at their school assembly during the classes with Lorna.


We’re delighted to be in Thornleigh this year, and we hope the students all enjoy Lorna’s classes!

Interested in booking a Let’s Sing short programme for 2022/23? Get in touch here.