Here at the Mobile Music School we pride ourselves on delivering high quality primary school music resources. We decided to develop a brand new online programme suitable for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. The best part? It’s absolutely free.


Meet the Musicians – Primary School Music Classes

Our “Meet the Musician” series explore the role of the musician across three different instruments, the clarinet, percussion and the voice. Three different musicians will tell us all about their instrument, and how they started playing it. The musicians will also sing, play or tap a few tunes for us. This series is an excellent resource for teaching music, but can also be used as a cross curricular resource for SPHE or Geography.

Access the course content here.

What do the videos consist of?

Video One- The Voice

In this video, singer Sophie tells us all about the voice- how she warms up, her singing experience, and how to use the voice!


Video Two- The Clarinet

In this video, Clarinet player Kevin tells us all about the Clarinet! He plays some really cool pieces of music for us. He also explains how he started playing the Clarinet, and what pieces of music he likes to play!


Video Three- Percussion

In this video, drummer Shay tells us all about percussion, when he started playing the drums, and demonstrates different percussion instruments for us!



The children loved the videos and the teachers enjoyed them too, what next?

The good news is that we are currently accepting bookings for online and face to face workshops and programmes for 2021/22. .

How are the  programmes and workshops delivered?

Our  programmes can be delivered in one of three formats – face to face, live via Zoom or pre-recorded like the videos above.

How long do these online programmes and workshops last?

We are available to offer these options either as a once off workshop or as a weekly class.

How can I make an enquiry or booking?

If you’re interested in enquiring or booking a programme or workshop for your school contact us here.