Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality TY workshops. Whether it’s drummingsinging or musical theatre, we have something to suit every school.  As a result, our TY workshops prove to be extremely popular every year. Each year, we travel nationwide with these workshops, delivering engaging and interactive content across all age groups. Whether a student wants to be the star of the show, a drumming superstar, or simply learn a new skill, there is something in these workshops for everyone.


What TY Workshops do we offer?

The TY workshops we offer include:

‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops

These drumming workshops are active, hands-on and interactive sessions that enable students to explore the sounds of the percussion family. With our drumming workshops, transition year students will get the chance to work in small teams to create rhythms of their own, whilst developing their rhythmical ability and musical techniques

‘Let’s Sing’ – Singing Workshops

Our singing workshops encourage students to explore their voice through set activities and songs. These TY workshops are hugely educational to every student, regardless of their singing ability. Our approach to teaching music in secondary schools is to encourage students to project their voice correctly and to speak within a range that is comfortable to them – an important life skill for public speaking and debating.


‘Let’s Perform’– Musical Theatre Workshops

Our Let’s Perform workshops recreate a part of a well-known musical through singing, movement and drama. These educational workshops for schools aim to boost students’ self-esteem and confidence in performing, while developing their creativity and showmanship in a relaxed, open environment.


What steps have we taken to ensure we are complying with Government guidelines during Covid-19?

  • All of our music tutors have completed a COVID-19 safety training course
  • We have trained each tutor on how to follow government guidelines. What to do in potential situations, and how to manage COVID-19 in the classroom has been covered.
  • We’ve supplied all of our tutors with face masks, visors, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes
  • Tutors are to wipe down each piece of equipment after each use with an alcohol wipe
  • We have made every workshop and programme social distance-friendly. We’ve also given each tutor place markers to ensure all children keep social distance
  • Some of our classes and content have gone online as an alternative

Do you have a query about any of our TY workshops? If so, get in touch.