Here at the Mobile Music School, we understand that some primary school teachers may not be comfortable teaching music or following the Irish Primary School Music Curriculum. That’s why we have compiled a set of complimentary lesson plans and music resources to help out! This set of easy to follow lesson plans has been designed for primary school teachers, helping them to teach music in the classroom, and are all based on the Irish Primary School Music Curriculum. Each resource has a theme, or story, and the teacher guides the class through the story, asking students questions along the way. These skills are intended to be developed over the eight weeks, so don’t be disheartened if the children don’t fully grasp the concepts straight away!


Aims and Objectives

1 – Enhance each child’s understanding of the different musical genres
2 – Develop each child’s ability to interact with music by clapping the beat and singing the melody
3 – Increase aural awareness by recognizing different musical instruments
4 – Increase musical awareness by requesting the children to perform the rhythm they composed forte, piano, allegro and adagio


Rock song such as One Day Like This – Elbow or Beautiful Day – U2 or Similar

Activity 1

Explain to the class that we are going to listen to a new style/ genre of music. Explain that some students may have heard this on the radio, television etc…
Ask the children to listen to the music carefully and guess what type of music they are listening to. Ask them to put up their hand and call out what instruments they think they can hear.  Explain that this is Rock music. After this, ask them if they think the music is fast/slow, sad/happy etc.

Activity 2

Showing the class a picture of the band, pick out the different instruments. Explain which instrument is which and how each instrument is played. Explain that some instruments are electric, which means they need to be connected to a speaker or amplifier and require electricity.
Discuss the role each instrument has – drums to keep time, singer to sing lyrics etc…

Activity 3

Replay a section of the song and encourage the class to catch the beat and clap in time and along with the music.

Activity 4

Ask the children who writes songs? (Prompt them until they realize that it’s the songwriter.)
Explain that songwriters write songs based on real events that happened in their lives or based on stories they heard, or based on how the songwriter might imagine something to be.


Strands – Listening & Responding



Part Seven: Composing Rhythms coming soon….


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