Music for primary schools is really important. Considering this, learning an instrument can be considered very beneficial to the classroom! Learning an instrument has many developmental and educational benefits. It increases cognitive ability, promotes creativity, improves memory and reduces stress. Further, an instrument always livens up any music class! Read on to learn about 3 popular classroom instruments.

Music for Primary Schools: Three Instruments Which are Great For The Classroom

Ukulele: The ukulele is relatively cheap to buy. Its small size means it is much easier for children to transport and hold than a guitar. It is a popular instrument among students due to its regular use in pop music. Students can learn many fun pop songs on the ukulele. Considering this, students in the class could even suggest what songs to learn! It is also a great stepping stone to learning the guitar. The ukulele can really help to make music for primary schools more exciting all round!


Recorder: The recorder is a firm classroom favorite. It is cheap, easy to transport and there is no tuning required. It also helps to build good breath support and develops hand-eye co-ordination. Songs of all genres can be played on the recorder. There are also different types of recorders, such as descant alto and bass. A recorder ensemble can even be created in the classroom for more advanced students! Learning the recorder is a good starting point for learning any woodwind instrument.


Hand Percussion: Instruments such as shakers, bells and rattles are ideal for young children. They are fun and can be held easily by small hands. Considering this, these instruments can be an introduction to the world of music. Using hand percussion teaches students about pulse and rhythm. They also create a variety of fun sounds that interest young students. Young children in particular really enjoy these instruments!


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