Here at the Mobile Music School, we understand that some primary school teachers may not be comfortable teaching music. That’s why we have compiled a set of complimentary lesson plans and music resources to help out! This set of easy to follow lesson plans has been designed for primary school teachers, helping them to teach music in the classroom, and are all based on the primary school music curriculum. Each resource has a theme, or story, and the teacher guides the class through the story, asking students questions along the way. These skills are intended to be developed over the eight weeks, so don’t be disheartened if the children don’t fully grasp the concepts straight away!

For this week’s lesson, we will focus on Hiding an Instrument.


Aims and Objectives

1 – Enhance each child’s understanding of TEMPO (speed)
2 – Develop each child’s understanding of DYNAMICS (volume)
3 – Increased ability to work as a team



A small handheld percussion instrument


Activity 1

Explain to the class that we are going to select one person to stand outside the door for a minute and that we are going to pick somebody else to hide the music instrument. Select one person to stand outside the door and when that person is outside the door select somebody to hide the instrument.


Activity 2

Invite the child who’s standing behind the door to re-enter the room, once the instrument has been hidden. The child who has to re-enter the room has the job of finding the instrument that has been hidden.
The other children need to clap to help direct the child to the location of the instrument. If the child is far away from the instrument the clap should be piano (quiet) and adagio (slow).
As the child gets nearer the clap should get louder and faster. This will help prompt the child to the location of the instrument and increase each child’s aural and musical awareness.


Strands – Listening & Responding


 Part 5: Exploring and Learning Rhythms coming soon…..


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