Here at the Mobile Music School, we offer an array of various different music workshops for schools, libraries, centres and events. We believe that music workshops are of huge importance, and are beneficial in numerous ways. For example; firstly, developing teamwork between participants. Secondly, developing self-confidence and a sense of achievement, and thirdly, giving participants the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Our Let’s Explore workshops are one of our most popular workshops, and we were delighted to be asked back to Stewart’s Care, to deliver a 4 week block of Let’s Explore Workshops! Read on to learn more about our programme in Stewart’s Care!

Music Workshops- Stewart’s Care

Stewarts Care is a voluntary organisation providing comprehensive community-based services to people with intellectual disabilities since 1869. Stewarts Care provides persons with an intellectual disability with the services that they require, irrespective of their level of need. Person-centred services are provided, taking cognisance of the person’s dignity and rights, and based on an assessment of need and the services requested. Further, the principal object of Stewarts Care is to provide optimum services promoting the education, wellbeing, dignity, health and happiness of people with an intellectual disability. We have worked with Stewarts Care since 2020, and provided a range of workshops and programme over the years. We provided these workshops both online and in person. These workshops were so enjoyable to deliver! Considering this, we were delighted to be asked to deliver a Let’s Explore 4 week programme with Stewarts Care this Spring!

Music Workshops-Let’s Explore

MMS tutor Lizzie will be delivering the Let’s Explore workshops over a weekly basis for the next 4 weeks. Lizzie will be teaching the workshop participants the fundamentals of music, through games, interactive activities and song singing. Lizzie will be taking the same group every week, and they will build upon their new found skills every week! Our Let’s Explore workshops aim to teach participants the basics of music- all without them realizing that they are learning! Developed as a pre-instrumental workshop, these workshops aim to give participants a solid musical foundation, so that they can then build upon this foundation in the future by learning to play a musical instrument. We’re really looking forward to delivering the workshops in Stewarts Care, and we can’t wait to see the groups progress!


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