Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on providing top quality music resources for primary schools. These music resources for primary schools include lesson plans, fun activities and resources for the classroom. We’ve also had to adapt to big changes over the last few months, and in doing so, have designed some brand new music resources for primary schools. We realise that a lot of primary school teachers feel unsure about teaching music in the classroom. Further, primary school teachers may need an extra bit of inspiration when teaching music in the classroom. That’s why we have designed some brand new music resources for primary schools that we will be sharing very soon. Want to learn more about these resources? Read on!

Music resources for Primary Schools: Our Songwriting Series

We are delighted to announce that we are working on a brand new songwriting series! These music resources for primary schools focus on introducing students to the world of songwriting. Further, students will learn about famous songwriters, what it takes to be a good songwriter, how to form melodies and how to write lyrics. This series allows children to get creative, and explore their creativity in a way that perhaps they never have before. A sure fire way to excite the budding songwriters amongst us!

Our Composer Series

Our brand new composer series introduces students to the world of composing! Focusing on a well known composer every two weeks, students will learn all about the background, history and work of some of the worlds most famous composers! This series is a great way for students to gain an understanding of how music is made, and an appreciation of all different genres of music. Further to this, students also gain an understanding of the culture and history surrounding the music.


Our Online Classroom Programmes

How did we take these programmes online?

We have recently  taken our learn and explore programmes online using the video call app Zoom. Our fantastic tutor Karen has facilitated many of our online workshops for libraries, schools, and other facilities. Using household items such as plastic bottles, rice, paper, pencils, and saucepans, each participant was immersed into the world of music. Karen adapted our usual learn and explore programme, and made it accessible online. The best part was that these online workshops were accessible for anyone and everyone, and brought so much entertainment to families at home nationwide! We are planning on adding even more programmes online, and in this unpredictable time of Covid-19, we will ensure that our high quality music programmes are still available to schools nationwide!


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