Here at the Mobile Music School we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music resources for primary schools. We decided to develop a brand new online programme suitable for first and second for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. The best part? It’s absolutely free.


Music Time – Music Classes suitable for First & Second Class

Our ‘Music Time’ series explores rhythm, percussion and singing basics, through fun games and activities.


These videos were created with four things in mind


  1. To be played in a classroom setting
  2. To provide a fun and engaging set of activities
  3. To give schools an insight into the quality of the tuition we offer
  4. To illustrate that our programmes even when pre-recorded are still interactive, educational and fun just like our face-to-face classes

We hope you and the children enjoy the lessons we have created

In total there are four videos. The content of each video is explained below and includes a link to enable you to watch the each video.


Video One- Hello Everyone

In this video, MMS tutor Sophie introduces you to our music time series!


Video Two- Body Percussion

In this video, Sophie introduces us to body percussion! Using our hands and feet, we will create plenty of sounds- using our bodies as the instrument!


Video Three- Hand Signs

In this video, we learn all about tonic solfa using hand signs! Sophie leads us through this lesson, showing us which hand signs belong to which note, and how to sing them in order!


Video Four- Don’t Clap This One Back

For the final video of the Music Time Series, we will be taking part in a really fun rhythm game, called Don’t Clap This One Back! This game is hugely popular in the classroom, and your students are sure to love it!


The children loved the videos and the teachers enjoyed them too, what next?

The good news is that due to the closure of schools we are currently accepting bookings for online workshops and programmes from primary schools. When schools reopen we will continue to offer online programmes and workshops.

The reason for this is because suit small schools, schools that are located in geographically remote areas or schools want to bring music into the classroom but are restricted in bringing visitors into their school due to Covid-19.

How are the online programmes and workshops delivered?

Our online programmes can be delivered in one of two formats – live via Zoom or pre-recorded like the videos above.

How long do these online programmes and workshops last?

We are available to offer these options either as a once off workshop or as a weekly class.

How can I make an enquiry or booking?

If you’re interested in enquiring or booking an online programme or workshop for your school contact us here.