Music Resources for Primary Schools- Our Halloween Music Activities

Here at the Mobile Music School, we’re passionate about delivering high quality music lessons, as well as developing effective music resources for primary schools. Our music resources for primary schools are designed to aid primary school teachers in bringing music to the classroom. With Spooky Season in full swing, October is a great time to incorporate some Halloween musical activities into your classroom. Below are three activities that cover all three strands of the music curriculum; performing, listening and composing. They are also cross-curricular and will tie in nicely with other subjects

Music Resources for Primary School: Three Fun Halloween Activities

  1. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor:

    Pupils will instantly recognize this Bach classic, which is used in a multitude of horror films, T.V. programmes and advertisements. Play the opening minute of the piece, and ask pupils the following questions;

What instrument is playing the melody?

Is the piece major (happy sound) or minor (creepy sound)?

How would you describe the tempo? (speed)

What image/picture comes into your head when you listen to this piece?

After a second listening, ask the pupils to draw a spooky picture to go along with the piece. Play the piece in the background as they create their picture.

This activity is suitable for all primary school classes from Junior to Sixth class. It covers the listening strand of the music curriculum and is cross-curricular with art.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

  1. Monster Mash:

This song is a Halloween classic. Allow the pupils to listen to the song before distributing lyrics or displaying them on the whiteboard. Teach the song section by section (verses are spoken and chorus is sung). Once pupils are confident with the song, divide the class into two groups. Group One will perform the verses and Group Two will perform the chorus. The groups can then switch around.

This activity is suitable for 3rd class upwards. It covers the performing strand of the curriculum and is cross-curricular with English.


Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video


  1. Compose a Halloween Song:

Divide the class into five groups. Distribute percussion instruments to each group. Assign each group one of the following themes; ghosts, vampires, monsters, witches and zombies. Each group has fifteen minutes to compose a Halloween song based on their theme. The song should contain five lines of lyrics. Every pupil must participate in the composition and performance of the song, either by coming up with lyrics, singing or playing a percussion instrument. The song should also have a title. Each group can then perform their song for the class.

This activity is suitable for 2nd class upwards. It covers the composing strand of the curriculum and is cross-curricular with English.


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