In part 2 of our secret to success series, we discuss the importance of progressing at your own pace with MMS tutor Ben. Last week, Ben spoke to us about effective practice techniques such as the ‘little and often’ approach. This week in part 2, we will be exploring how our professional team of tutors always encourage students to progress independently and choose their own path as musicians.


What’s the Secret to Succeeding in Music? Progress at Your Own Pace

  • The benefits of weekly music lessons for young aspiring musicians is endless.
  • Whether students wish to study for grade exams or focus on ear training to play for their own personal enjoyment, our music tutors support and guide students to take the musical journey that’s best suited to them.
  • Our after-school music lessons allow children have the option to learn chords and melodies of pop songs, or learn classical pieces for their repertoire if they wish.
  • We have found that this child-centered approach to teaching is hugely beneficial for young students learning a musical instrument.


How Much Music Progress Can You Make in a Lesson?

  • To answer this question we take an inside look into one of our typical after-school piano programmes.
  • Although learning to play the piano is long musical journey, our dedicated, hard-working students like Cassie make great progress each week by practicing at home and learning something new in class.
  • Our music tutors encourage piano students to spot patterns within the pieces they’re playing.
  • At this stage of her piano playing, Cassie is learning new key signatures from week to week.
  • In this lesson, Ben also demonstrates how to make octave leaps with the left hand to improve the flow of Cassie’s piece.


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