Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music lessons for primary schools nationwide. Each year we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes to hundreds of schools, libraries, youth centres and language schools nationwide! Each week, our tutors are working hard across the country to provide high quality music lessons to primary schools.

Music Lessons for Primary Schools

Our music lessons for primary schools keep us extremely busy throughout the year! Unfortunately, in this current climate, we’ve all had to adapt to big changes in 2020! With primary, secondary and music schools closed, music lessons for primary schools nationwide unfortunately came to a halt this year. However, the good news is, we’ve been planning our music lessons and programmes for September 2020, and are really looking forward to coming back with a bang! We believe now is the most important time to begin our music lessons again, and there are so many reasons why these music lessons are needed now more than ever. Read on to learn more!


1. Music lessons for primary schools offer an outlet to children, particularly during stressful times.

Music is an excellent way to relieve stress. Further to this, studies have shown that having an outlet, like a hobby, is an excellent form of stress relief. We can all agree that the current state of affairs, due to Covid-19, has caused a lot of stress and worry. For this reason, children would particularly appreciate music lessons as an outlet.

2. Music brings people together and fosters connection.

One of the most amazing things about music is that is gives us a way to connect with other people. Children are extremely social beings, and music lessons encourage children to build connections with others as they share an experience together. This social bonding was unfortunately lacking for most children last year, as the lockdown made in-person music classes impossible. Children really need this type of bonding to foster self esteem, so this adds to the importance of music lessons.

3. Performance creates a sense of community.

Class performances are a regular feature in our music lessons for primary school, and these performances encourage bonding, as students work together towards a shared goal. Practising for these performances gives the class a sense of determination as a group. Further, working towards a shared goal builds teamwork, empathy and camaraderie, something children haven’t had the opportunity to do in these last few months. These performances will also provide children with wonderful memories to reminisce on together in the future.

4. Hobbies increase positivity and improve mental health.

As mentioned above, hobbies are a great method of stress relief. However, they also have countless mental health benefits. Focusing on a hobby, and putting all your attention into what you are doing is a great way to introduce children to mindfulness, which has amazing mental health benefits. Hobbies also help us to develop our skill set.  Developing our skill set, and finding new talents improves self esteem, and this type of skill mastery has been associated with reduced psychological distress.

5. These lessons allow children to rediscover their creativity.

Music is inherently creative. Engaging in music lessons and allowing children to express their individuality and creativity is so important, and definitely should not be overlooked. With limited opportunities to be creative over the lockdown, now is the chance to allow children to creatively express themselves.


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