Following on from our extremely successful 2020/21, we are really looking forward to continuing our music lessons for primary school for 2021/2022. Although we’ve all had to adapt to big changes over the last year, we are delighted to say that our music lessons for primary school went off without a hitch this year- while staying Covid- Friendly!  In this post, we’ll discuss what workshops we are offering for 2021/22, in accordance to the Covid-19 safety guidelines.


Music lessons for Primary School

Let’s Drum

This percussion-based course explores the role of percussion in music from all corners of the world. Each class also investigates the importance of ‘the beat’. This course firstly develops each child’s rhythmical abilities, secondly, teaches students how to read and create music notation and thirdly, gives each student the opportunity to perform each week as part of a classroom percussion ensemble. These interactive and energy-filled classes culminate in an end of programme classroom performance of the performance pieces learned during the course. Our drumming workshops remain one of our most popular types of music classes we offer at primary schools and are sure to be a hit with the students.



Each student will have their own bodhrán. These sessions are full of fun and energetic activities. These activities ensure that every student is engaged and interested throughout. Further, these fun, energetic activities always ensure a joyful atmosphere in our bodhrán workshops for primary schools. Our music tutors always ensure that each music session is interactive and engaging. Each tutor creates an environment that is relaxing and open for every student to express themselves.

Each group will cover a wide range of material, including ear training and instrument technique. Some other basic music notation will be covered, including minims, crotchets, quavers and semi-quavers and their associated rests. The students will also cover the role of the composer and experiment with creating different rhythms. Following this, the students will perform as an ensemble.


Learn and Explore

When it comes to music for schools, the learn and explore programmes deliver a vast array of musical skills. These interactive, fun and activity-based classes aim to enhance each child’s musical awareness and aim to give each child a firm musical foundation. These fun-filled, activity-based music lessons explore the world of music-making in an open and relaxed environment. Together with interactive games and hands-on learning, the children learn new musical skills and explore the world of music together.

During classes, students discover that music tells a story. With the help of our professional tutors, they explore the role of the conductor, investigate the importance of percussion, and learn about dynamics, tempo, mood, the beat and rhythm. Students learn and perform songs, compose music using set sounds and play along to music. Our tutors encourage the children to move to music, express themselves through movement and internalize musical concepts. Children also gain the ability to read music notation, understand the concepts of rhythm, pulse, pitch tone and timbre. Throughout the course of the workshop, students also master the art of keeping a steady beat, clapping rhythms, hand signing and sight-reading melodies using solfa.


What steps have we taken to ensure we are complying with Government guidelines during Covid-19?

  • All of our music tutors have completed a COVID-19 safety training course
  • We have trained each tutor on how to follow government guidelines. What to do in potential situations, and how to manage COVID-19 in the classroom has been covered.
  • We’ve supplied all of our tutors with face masks, visors, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes
  • Tutors are to wipe down each piece of equipment after each use with an alcohol wipe
  • We have made every workshop and programme social distance-friendly. We’ve also given each tutor place markers to ensure all children keep social distance
  • Some of our classes and content have gone online as an alternative

Do you have a query about any of our primary school music workshops? If so, get in touch.