Music in Secondary Schools

Our music in secondary schools programmes keep us extremely busy throughout the year! Unfortunately, in this current climate, we’ve all had to adapt to big changes over the last year! Our music for secondary schools programmes and workshops were interrupted earlier on this year due to these changes. However, with the reopening of secondary schools, we are really looking forward to coming back with a bang! After the Easter break, we’re straight back into our secondary school workshops! In this post, we’ll discuss what workshops we offer as part of our music for secondary schools programme. We’ll also cover what health and safety measures we have taken, and what advice has been given by the government. Read on to find out more!


Music for Secondary Schools- What workshops do we offer?

‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops

These drumming workshops are active, hands-on and interactive sessions that enable students to explore the sounds of the percussion family. With our drumming workshops, secondary school students will get the chance to work in small teams to create rhythms of their own, whilst developing their rhythmical ability and musical techniques.

Bodhrán Workshops

During these workshops, each group will receive one 80 minutes, hands on percussion session. Each student will have their own bodhrán. These sessions are full of fun and energetic activities. These activities ensure that every student is engaged and interested throughout. Further, these fun, energetic activities always ensure a joyful atmosphere in our bodhrán workshops for secondary schools.

COVID-19: Government guidelines about returning to school

  • Physical distancing is a key measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to facilitate physical distancing in schools, pupils and their teachers may be sorted into ‘Class Bubbles’ and ‘Pods’. A ‘Class Bubble’ is a class grouping which stays apart from other classes as much as possible. Within the Class Bubble, pupils and teachers may be further separated into small discrete groups or ‘Pods’.
  • Teachers, SNAs and other staff and students attending secondary schools are required to wear a face covering when a physical distance of 2 metres from other staff and students cannot be maintained.
  • Musical equipment/instruments – to the greatest extent possible, instruments should not be shared between students. If sharing is required, the instruments should be cleaned between uses.
  • Visitors should perform proper hygiene on arrival at school.
  • Visitors should maintain 2 metres physical distancing from pupils/students and staff while in school.
  • Further, visitors should sign a contact tracing log which each school is required to keep.
  • Check out the full list of government guidelines and recommendations here.

What steps have we taken to ensure we are complying with Government guidelines?

  • All of our music tutors have completed a COVID-19 safety training course
  • We have trained each tutor on how to follow government guidelines. What to do in potential situations, and how to manage COVID-19 in the classroom has been covered.
  • We’ve supplied all of our tutors with face masks, visors, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes
  • Tutors are to wipe down each piece of equipment after each use with an alcohol wipe
  • We have made every workshop and programme social distance-friendly. We’ve also given each tutor place markers to ensure all students keep social distance
  • Some of our classes and content have gone online as an alternative

Do you have any more concerns or queries about managing COVID-19 in the classroom, or about any of our porgrammes? If so, get in touch.