Our music in secondary schools programmes keep us extremely busy throughout the year! Although we’ve all had to adapt to big changes over the last year, we are delighted to say that our music in secondary schools workshops are back with a bang!  In this post, we’ll discuss what workshops we offer as part of our music for secondary schools programme, and the wellness and mindfulness benefits of these workshops.


Music for Secondary Schools- What workshops do we offer?

‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops

These drumming workshops are active, hands-on and interactive sessions that enable students to explore the sounds of the percussion family. With our drumming workshops, secondary school students will get the chance to work in small teams to create rhythms of their own, whilst developing their rhythmical ability and musical techniques.

Bodhrán Workshops

During these workshops, each group will receive one 80 minutes, hands on percussion session. Each student will have their own bodhrán. These sessions are full of fun and energetic activities. These activities ensure that every student is engaged and interested throughout. Further, these fun, energetic activities always ensure a joyful atmosphere in our bodhrán workshops for secondary schools.


How do these workshops promote wellness?

Due to Covid many of the more traditional activities TY classes participate in have been curtailed due to Covid making it a challenge to keep the TYs engaged and entertained. That said, our TY drumming and bodhrán workshops are here to change that!

Firstly, our music workshops are performance based and hands meaning everybody gets a turn to play a drum and perform as part of group. Secondly, our workshops promote mindfulness, enhance listening skills and act as a good wellness session for all who attend.

Recent research involving the holistic approach towards the brain-mind-body connection is taking the possibilities of drumming to a whole new level.

Meditation and mindfulness training have been a significant part of drumming practices throughout history. Meditation, or “the act of focusing your mind,” can be part of any drumming experience.

The natural part of the learning process of drumming involves meditation in that it deals with mental relaxation. Deeply focusing on the rhythmic patterns controls the thought process . Further, this helps to reduce mental chatter, induce relaxation, and calm the mind. Even simple drumming practices allow you to free your mind from the “clutter” that trickles down to your overall well-being.


Interested in learning more about these wellness workshops? If so, get in touch.