Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music in secondary schools programmes nationwide.  Each week, our tutors are working hard across the country to provide high quality music  in secondary schools schools. However, due to current circumstances, we have had to adapt! With the lockdown having been extended, we have taken some of these lessons online. Read on to learn more about our online after school lessons in Stratford College!

Our History in Stratford College

Stratford College was one of the very first schools we began teaching in, when the Mobile Music School was first set up in 2011. We have taught there every year since we began, offering after school guitar, singing lessons, piano lessons, Glee club and Little Musicians.

Music in Secondary Schools- Taking our lessons online

This year, our wonderful tutor Mary had been delivering after school singing and piano lessons in Stratford College. However, due to school closures, Mary has now been running these lessons online via Zoom. Each week, each of Mary’s students receives their one on one lesson via Zoom, and each week students work on honing their skills with Mary! These lessons aim to develop each students proficiency on their chosen instrument. Ideal for beginners, improvers and advanced performers alike, these lessons aim to incorporate the musical interests of pupils. Students can choose to learn for fun or work towards grade exams.


Lessons Aim to:
  • develop the technical proficiency of every student on their chosen instrument
  • develop each students understanding of music theory and music notation
  • give students a life-long love of music


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