Here at the Mobile Music School, we are known nationwide for music events for children throughout the country. From music classes, performances and interactive workshops, we are your go-to for music events for children! We were so excited to bring our brand new ‘Songfest’ project to Scoil Ghrainne CNS last week, and it couldn’t;t have gone down better! Keep reading to learn all about our day in Scoil Ghrainne!

Music Events for Children- Songfest

What is our ‘Songfest’ project? Songfest gives you the chance to bring the party to your school or library! Guaranteed to get the whole school rocking, our musicians will provide an incredible and interactive musical experience for Primary Schools and Libraries. Two musicians will come to each school, and turn the school hall into an interactive disco experience! Musicians will be using tracks as well as live instruments, and will perform a set of upbeat, energetic and amazing songs with the children. What’s more- the children will have the opportunity to join in for the performance of a lifetime!

Two weeks in advance, each class will receive a copy of the songs that will be performed, as well as lyrics, to be practised as a class. Students will get the opportunity to learn the songs in the classroom, to prepare for the big performance. On the day, students will get to join in with the musicians for an interactive band experience. This is a great opportunity for children to get involved in live music, and could spark a lifelong passion for music in them!

Each student will also receive a wristband, for their admission into our school disco!

Our Day in Scoil Ghrainne

On the 16th May 2024, our fabulous musicians Lorna and Adam arrived to Scoil Ghrainne, to set up for Songfest.  They set up all their musical equipment in the school hall, and two amazing interactive concerts to the whole school. With Lorna on vocals, and Adam on guitar, the concerts were absolutely sensational, with amazing feedback received all round! The performance was so special, that it even ended with the children asking Lorna and Adam for autographs! We had an amazing day, and can;t wait to roll out our songfest project in schools across the country.


For more information about our Songfest Project, please get in touch here.