Here at the Mobile Music School, we specialise in music education in primary schools! From our experience delivering top quality music workshops and programmes nationwide we understand that no two children are alike. Each individual has their own learning style, and music education in primary schools is totally unique to the individual. That being said, it’s super important to us that every child benefits from our music classes, and learns to the best of their ability. Considering this, we’ve developed how we differentiate our classes over the last decade or more! Read on to learn all about our classroom differentiation!

Music Education in Primary Schools: How do we differentiate our classes?

We get to know our students.

Each student is an individual, and no two students will learn in the same way. We take note of the needs of individuals in the classroom, and come up with a comprehensive plan to meet those needs, tailoring our lesson plans to suit.

Receiving feedback from the class teachers.

Nobody knows a classes needs better than their classroom teacher! During all our workshops and programmes, we work closely with the classes teacher, and always check in, in regards to additional needs the class may have.

Group learning.

During our classes, we use group work and group learning where appropriate. Mixing students with all different abilities and needs means they can learn from one other, and everyone benefits massively from this group work.

Tiered work systems

In our classes, we use tiered systems for classwork and activities. For example, if a song is being taught in a ukulele class, and some students are struggling whilst some students are not being challenged enough, we would give the students that aren’t being challenged a more complex melody like to play, to challenge them, while ensuring the students that are struggling have enough time to complete their work, based on their ability.


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