Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music education for primary schools nationwide. One of our most popular programmes for this is our Ukulele programme. This programme is easily one of our most popular programmes for music education for primary schools. Children really love these ukulele classes, read on below to learn why!


Music Education for Primary Schools

5 Things Children Love About Our Ukulele Classes

They’re fun. 

Children love our ukulele classes, simply because they are fun! Each week, children nationwide look forward to our ukulele classes, and this is because our classes are interactive, engaging and fun. We’re used to seeing smiling faces each week, who are delighted when our ukulele teachers walk through the classroom door!


They’re hands on.

Our Ukulele classes are really hands on. Each week, children will get to play on a ukulele, and learn all different skills for the ukulele. Students will play a range of different songs, and learn different techniques each week.


Children get to perform as a group.

Each week, children will perform as part of a group. Group ensemble performance is an amazing way to boost morale in the classroom. These group performances help students to work as a part of a team, and really increase the positivity and joy in the classroom.


We include all different types of music in our repertoire.

Our repertoire for these ukulele classes includes all different types of music. We include plenty of modern songs that the children know and love.


Our ukulele classes build self-confidence in children.

Our ukulele classes show children that when they set their mind to it, and work hard each week, they are more than capable of becoming great musicians! Seeing the change in the students once they have mastered the basics, and realise that they are actually capable of playing an instrument, is so rewarding! This massively impacts children’s self confidence, and sense of achievement.


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