Tutor Name: Sophie O’Carroll


Instrument/ programme they teach: Curriculum Manager


Where they are from: Prosperous, Co. Kildare


Q1 When did you start learning a musical instrument?

I started learning the piano aged around 5 with my mum as she is a piano teacher.

She also teaches the violin so I began learning that aged 9. Singing was my passion however. I attended the Pamela Keeley Stage School for 10 years and sang in my school choir. I started formal singing lessons with soprano Regina Nathan in Herbert Lodge Arts Centre when I was in Transition Year.

Q2 What did you like most about music when you were younger?

I am a very competitive person so I loved the challenge of taking graded exams and performing in concerts.

Q3 What prompted you to turn your hobby as a child into your profession?

There is a long line of music teachers in my family. My grandfather was a music teacher in Clongowes Wood College. My mother is a piano and violin teacher. I was very passionate about classical singing and I loved performing. The singing repertoire is so extensive that there is always more to learn. I decided in 6th Year to study Music Education in Trinity College. The combination of performing and teaching on the course really appealed to me. I continue to combine both teaching and performing in my career today and am currently studying for a Masters in Performance and Musicology at Maynooth University.

Q4 What motivates you to teach?

I love seeing how much the children enjoy their music lessons and the progress they make. I learn so much from the students and lessons can be great fun too.

Q5 What do you like most about working with the Mobile Music School?

The team at the Mobile Music School is very supportive. The work is varied and interesting. Working with different students in different settings is very challenging and rewarding.


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