As we come to the end of our Music and Mindfulness series, we take a look at some of our talented students and the direction they have taken with their music lessons. Last week we discussed the importance of a child-centred approach to music education. This week we see the results of our unique teaching style as our tutors use students’ personal interests to direct their music programme.


Meet Emily

  • Here we see one of our talented students Emily performing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.
  • With the help of our music tutors, our students are able to explore the music they enjoy and that relaxes them after a long day at school.
  • This is one of Emily’s favourites!


Going Your Own Direction

  • To finish up our Music and Mindfulness series, we talk to Zoe about how MMS students have the opportunity to explore all sides to music with their guitar lessons.
  • To ensure all music lessons are fun-filled and enjoyable for children, we encourage students to take their own direction, whether it’s classical, rock, pop, jazz or even song writing!
  • We think it’s important to really get to know students and their musical interests from the get go.
  • Our music lessons act a support and guidance to help them be the type of musician they want to be.
  • This non-pressurized environment relaxes students and encourages them to develop a hobby that can be used as a mindfulness technique.


After-school Music Lessons

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Stay Tuned!

Music and Mindfulness – Part 4: Round-up coming next week!


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