This term, the junior and senior infant students in Stratford National School have been busy bees in their pre-instrumental class with Eadaoin.

Each week, class begins with a rhythm circle and the children have also learned to sing their names to so-mi with solfa hand signs. The groups have been developing their aural skills by learning a wide range of songs. They practice exploring pulse, rhythm, tempo and pitch through each of these songs. Not only this, but they can also compose and perform their own basic rhythmic patterns with crotchets and quavers.

Our students have also had lots of fun discovering the sounds of the orchestra. So far they have learned about the orchestra conductor, the string, woodwind, and percussion sections of the orchestra. Students got great pleasure from the demonstrations of instruments from each of these orchestral families, and were also able to try these instruments for themselves!

These budding musicians in Stratford’s pre-instrumental class are working hard and progressing really well. We’re delighted to be back again with them this term for more fun learning new songs, music theory and about the orchestra.

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