Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality educational workshops for schools.  One of our most popular education workshops for Schools is our Let’s Sing workshop. In these singing workshops, students are immersed in a highly energetic, fun-filled music-making session. Like all of our workshops, our singing workshops for schools are hands-on, active sessions that give each child the opportunity to engage and perform throughout the entire workshop.

We were delighted to be invited to St Fiachra’s JNS in Priorswood on the 9th of March, to deliver Let’s sing, one of our educational workshops for schools.  These workshops were led by MMS Music Tutor Clare.



These educational workshops for schools combine singing, technique and movement. Further, they culminate in a class act, where the class perform what they have learnt. In these workshops, students learn about posture, breathing, vocal technique and projection. Students also learn how to express themselves through music.


Fun-based games and activities

Led by our music tutor Clare, each workshop commenced with fun-filled ice breaker activities and warm-ups. The children really enjoyed the energetic and hands on warm up, and this warm up set the tone for the rest of the workshop. Clare then moved on to posture, techniques and breathing, and instructed the students on how each of these is performed properly. The children then incorporated these skills they learnt during the warm up into the rest of the vocal exercises and activities, which included singing in rounds, games, vowel work and warm up songs.


Throughout the music session, the group learnt all about presence on stage, breathing and posture whilst singing, and voice projection. The workshop then culminated in an energetic end-of-session performance. Each class learnt a different song, from The Beatles to Bruno Mars. They then discussed what makes a successful performance and how to add stage presence and energy to a performance. Working as a team, the students performed the song, incorporating all the skills they learnt throughout the workshop. The students did a fantastic job, and tutor Clare was highly impressed with how well they performed throughout the workshop. Clare commented:

“The students of St Fiachra’s JNS did such an amazing job during the workshops. Each class was so enthusiastic and energetic, and they certainly made my job a lot easier! Well done and congratulations to all the students for doing such a fantastic job during the workshops!”



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