With Christmas just around the corner, schools all over the country are preparing and putting together Christmas concerts. Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights are up, and a Christmas concert is the cherry on top for creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere in schools. Singing carols or doing a nativity play in the school can be an amazing and enriching experience. However, for teachers, it can also feel incredibly daunting! As a result, we’ve come up with this little guide to help teachers who are preparing for their classes Christmas concert. Read on to learn all about how to best prepare your class for their Christmas concert.


Plan the concert around the children.

While it’s only natural to want to impress parents who will be attending, try not to let this impact your preparations. You should pick content that the children will genuinely love to perform. After all, it is about them. Try to avoid material that will be too difficult for students, as this could make the rehearsal process too taxing- for you and the children!


Don’t get stuck on a specific programme.

Avoid feeling like you have to do the same content as last year, because ‘that’s what you’ve always done’. The students you have this year may have completely different abilities than students last year. One year you may decide to just sing carols, and you may do a nativity scene or tell stories the next.


Keep shy children in mind.

 Some children may suffer from social anxiety or be extremely shy. Considering this, do not force these children to perform, as they may find it distressing. Instead, offer them ‘behind the scene parts’. Let them help with props, stage management or directing. Ensure that children who don’t want to perform still feel they are just as important, and that their jobs are vital to the concert.


Don’t sweat the small stuff.

For instance, if a child starts forgets their lines, or freezes onstage, do not react negatively. The children can only try their best, and mistakes are bound to happen. Instead, offer the children a reassuring look or a thumbs up. Remember that you are there to encourage and support them, and your support will make all the difference.


Try to control nerves as best you can.

The children will understandably be nervous before the performance. Try to calm them down by reassuring them that the performance will be brilliant and mistakes don’t matter. Get everyone to go to the bathroom before the show, and if they need to go during, let them. DO NOT make them hold it!


Prepare as much as possible.

The more prepared the children are, the more confident they will be on stage. Practice as much as you can, and make sure you give the children plenty of time to learn the material. Print out lyrics or scripts and get the children to learn and practice their lines for homework.


Have fun!

The concert is meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Have fun, take lots of pictures and enjoy it!


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