Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality drumming workshops for secondary schools. Our ‘Let’s Drum’ workshops prove to be of our most popular secondary school workshops every year. Each year, we travel nationwide with our series of secondary school workshops, delivering engaging and interactive content across all age groups.  This year, on the 6th of March, we had the pleasure of being invited  to deliver a series of  80 minute drumming workshops in Patrician Secondary School. Mobile Music School tutor Tadgh led the workshops, with the transition year students of Patrician Secondary School.


‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops for Secondary Schools

Each group received an 80 minute, hands-on drumming workshop, full of fun and energetic activities. These activities ensure that every student is engaged and interested throughout. Further, these fun, energetic activities always ensure a joyful atmosphere in our drumming workshops for secondary schools. Our music tutors always ensure that each music session is interactive and engaging. Each tutor creates an environment that is relaxing and open for every student to express themselves.


Percussion Progression

The students actively engaged throughout each class and went from a group of students who had little or no musical skills and knowledge to a group who could perform as part of a drumming ensemble, read music notation, create rhythms and patterns of their own; and likewise, take on brand new challenges as a group. The progression of the students was due to their levels of engagement.  As a result, they picked up their brand new percussion skills very quickly! Students do not need any prior drumming experience for our drumming workshops for secondary schools- and the students in Patrician Secondary School proved that!

Secondary School Workshops – Techniques

With each transition year group, the students showed great enthusiasm. Further, they managed to cover a wide range of material, including extensive ear training and instrument technique. Some other basic music notation included minims, crotchets, quavers and semi-quavers and their associated rests. Tadgh and the students then explored the role of the composer and experimented with creating different rhythms. Following this, the students performed for the entire class group.


The drumming workshop was a huge success! Finally, each session culminated in the performance of a piece of drumming music, which fused everything together. These elements included technique, listening skills, counting, instrumentation, rhythms of the world, the beat and dynamic control. The energy and enthusiasm from the students made each performance all the more special. The students did a fantastic job, and Tadgh was really impressed with how quickly they picked up their new percussion skills! Above all, the students really enjoyed the day, which is always the most important factor!


To learn more about our drumming workshops for schools, please get in touch with us via our contact page to discuss these options in more detail.