Part 2 of our Music and Mindfulness series will explore the importance of child-centred programmes when learning a musical instrument. Last week we talked to our guitar tutor Zoe about encouraging students to de-stress from school through music. This week we will delve further into the secrets of achieving mindfulness through music with child-centred programmes.


Meet Abraham!

  • Here we get an inside look into our after school guitar lessons with MMS tutor Zoe and our student Abraham.
  • Abraham had little to no English when he began his music lessons and now he’s learning music through English fluently!
  • We believe our child-centred approach helps students to relax and enjoy the learning process.
  • These one-on-one after-school guitar lessons are a great way for students to experience hands-on learning on a weekly basis.


The Importance of Child-centred Programmes

  • Our team of professional music tutors have a unique teaching style that adds a very important personal touch to each music programme.
  • This child-centred approach to learning allows students to relax and focus on music they personally enjoy.
  • Our years of experience has found that creating this open, non-pressurised learning environment is key to supporting mindfulness through music.




After-school Music Lessons

To find out more about what’s involved in our after-school programmes, please visit the after-school page of our website.


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Stay Tuned!

Music and Mindfulness – Part 3: Going Your Own Direction coming next week!


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