The Mobile Music School is delighted to announce that we are working once again with the students of Rathgormack National School, Co. Waterford.

Last year we delivered a drumming workshop to the pupils which was a resounding success and very well received at Rathgormack NS.  This time, our experienced tutor Joanne McCabe was there to deliver an intensive six week musical theatre programme. Joanne comments:

“The gang have been very busy doing our Musical Slice programme. Classes have focused on improvisation, learning the angles of the stage, a variety of fun drama warm ups and a couple of silly vocal warm ups also! The second and third class students are enjoying staging scenes and songs from the hit musical Annie.  Meanwhile, the third and fourth class pupils are busy practicing their cockney accents for Oliver with a full stage of both cast and chorus each week. This helps to keep everyone involved and encourages a genuine and engaging musical production experience.”


We often receive positive feedback from schools about the positive effect that our musical theatre programme has on the self-confidence and performance competency of students. It is a great way to nurture and stimulate the personal development of pupils around the class schedule. We tailor our music workshops to fit in with the specific requirements and time frame available to your school. Joanne notes:

“The school opted not to have an end of workshop performance – this allowed me to place different people in different roles each day so everyone gets a chance to play a variety of parts. Fifth and sixth class students are having a great time doing full dance numbers from Grease. There is a fantastic energy in the classroom and students are getting creative scripting their own short scenes.”  


Meanwhile, some of the younger pupils had the opportunity to re-enact some childhood classics:
“Senior infants & First class groups have been playing toys from ‘Toy Story’ and delivering ‘You’ve got a Friend’ with great energy among other activities. For the Junior & Senior infants we did some funny poetry and read a play. We then helped each other retell and act out the following week. Songs like ‘Hard Knock Life’ are getting the Juniors used toused toused toused to the stage and showing their character traits. They also really loved doing some improv and storytelling as well as fun drama games. One more week to go!”


It is with pleasure that we continue to provide unique and educational music programmes to the pupils of Rathgormack National School. If you would like to speak to us about our drumming or musical theatre workshops, please contact us here or email for more information.