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We’re delighted to see the pupils of St. Michael’s NS improving their violin and bowing skills week-on-week. With these classes, students are learning different genres of music, how to read notation, and how to perform as part of an ensemble.

The 3rd class boys have been working really hard on developing their bowing skills this month. They have been playing songs they’re familiar with from last term, but this time with the bow- it’s starting to sound great!

The class group had great fun coming up with body percussion ideas to incorporate into a song called “Clever Tricks” played on the violin; tapping the floor, knocking on the violin and vocal ideas were all incorporated into the song. The boys came up with some really creative ideas!swing-music

We love to see our students take such an interest in the violin, as well as the music-making process. Mobile Music tutor, Rebecca, finds that working in a group environment radically develops children’s musical awareness, self-esteem and confidence as musicians and creative thinkers.

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