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The students of Rush and Lusk ETNS are really coming along and progressing well with their ‘Violin in the Classroom’ music programme. Mobile Music tutor, Rebecca, is delighted to see the improvement in each class group as some students practice and bring in their violins from home.

2nd class are working hard on developing good finger patterns for the violin. They love playing with the bow so we have been doing lots of bowing exercises each week to let the class get used to bowing- they’re doing great! Hot Cross Buns is the latest piece they hope to master over the coming weeks. The students have learned it with Kodaly hand signs, stick notation and singing to become really familiar with the melody as they work on applying it to the violin.

3rd class had great fun coming up with body percussion ideas to incorporate into a song called “Clever Tricks” played on the violin; tapping the floor, knocking on the violin and vocal ideas were all incorporated into the song. The class came up with some really creative ideas!

4th class are getting used to reading music now and have been introduced to their first duet- a piece of music with a Melody line and a Harmony line. We’re looking forward to piecing the two parts together over the next few weeks.

5th and 6th class are getting set for an evening community concert performance this month. There will be lots of other instrumental groups and acts performing so they are eager to impress and show off their fantastic violin skills. The group have agreed that Movie Buster will be part of their performance repertoire. It’s a jazzy piece, which is quite fast and upbeat. We can’t wait to hear what the second piece will be!

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