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In part 3 of our series, we highlight the importance of enjoyment and fun in every music lesson we delivers. Last week we got an inside look into an after-school piano lesson and explored the different paths students take as they progress with their music. This week, MMS tutor Ben tells us how to balance fun and discipline with each music programme.


How to Balance Fun and Discipline

  • No doubt piano lessons involve a lot of discipline, but we believe an element of fun should always come first.
  • Striking the right balance between fun and discipline ensures that students feel rewarded and motivated to carry on their musical journey.
  • Our professional music tutors do this by teaching students with a highly interactive and hands-on approach.
  • For example, after focusing on areas that need improvement, MMS tutor Ben also reminds his students not to get caught up on their small mistakes as they play.
  • When they make a mistake he is on-hand to encourage them to play over their mistakes and keep going until they get it right with practice.
  • This ongoing encouragement boost students’ confidence in an environment that is open and non-pressurized.


After-school Music Lessons

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The Secret to Succeeding in Music – Part 4: Round-up coming next week!


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