Here at the Mobile Music School, we are extremely passionate about delivering high quality music workshops for schools. These music workshops for schools keep us very busy throughout the year! Although we deliver these workshops year-round, for certain weeks of the school year we are extremely busy. One example of this was Creative Week for Schools 2023. As a part of Creative Week, we delivered our music workshops to primary school nationwide, allowing children to incorporate creativity and the world of music into the primary school classroom! Read on to learn more about what we offered for creative week 2023!


Workshops for Schools- What is Creative Week for Schools?

The National Arts Council’s website tells us that ‘This year’s Creative Schools Celebration Week takes place 8 – 12 May and focuses on what creativity looks like to you. We warmly invite every school in Ireland (primary, post-primary, special education schools and Youthreach centres) to celebrate the arts and creativity from 8 – 12 May, 2023. The theme this year “Creativity Lives Here” encourages school communities to pause and reflect on where creativity is evident in our lives, in every class, in every school and in the experience of every student. The week is a time to focus on celebrating this creativity, perhaps adding to the experiences of students in the form of events or workshops and providing a platform to show how creative each school can be.’

Our workshops give students the opportunity to incorporate this experience of creativity into the classroom, and fuses together personal creativity with the world of music.


Creative Week- What workshops for schools did we offer?

Let’s Drum

One of our most popular music workshops for schools during Creative Week was Let’s Drum. Through games, activities and performing, our drumming workshops allow primary school students to explore the percussion family. Further, these workshops also develop their understanding of rhythm and improve their rhythmical ability. Also, during these workshops, students perform as part of a drumming ensemble.

These sessions incorporate station learning and ensure that each child gets an opportunity to play four instruments. Each workshop culminates in a live end-of-workshop performance that combines the different rhythms and activities covered during the sessions.

Let’s Explore

Further, our Let’s Explore workshops were also a huge hit during Creative Week! These fun-filled, activity-based music workshops explore the world of music-making in an open and relaxed environment. Together with interactive games and hands-on learning, the children learn new musical skills and explore the world of music together. With every music lesson we deliver, our goal is to fuel students’ creativity with engaging content.


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