With the new school year kicking off, we are starting our new term of guitar lessons in St Mary’s BNS, Booterstown, Stratford College / NS, Rathgar and Belmayne ETNS, Donaghmede. We are delighted to welcome students back to guitar lessons after the summer break. As well as tutoring returning guitarists, we will also be preparing students for the RIAM and ABRSM graded exams. With both group and 1 on 1 guitar lessons, our guitar lessons prove to be extremely popular each year. Read on to find out why you should consider enrolling your child in guitar lessons.

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Learning to play any instrument greatly improves a person’s creativity. Learning about music theory, improvising chords and melodies, and designing chords charts all boost creativity in students. Honing these skills can also help students to become songwriters, improving both their music theory knowledge and ability to come up with new ideas, a skill that is transferable to almost all areas of life.


Memorization Ability


Playing guitar also enhances brain power. There is a lot of memorization involved in learning guitar. Students have to memorize scales, chord charts, music theory, and entire songs to be performed. Also, being a musician may cause you to access parts of your brain that you typically don’t use. For instance, in order to play a song your brain has to be able to multitask. You have to remember the words and music at the same time while playing the rhythm part with one hand and the rest with the other. These memorization skills will benefit students in all aspects of life.




Another great benefit of playing guitar, especially in a band is that it builds confidence. It is hard to be a shy person when you get in front of a group regularly to play music. As you progress and learn to play guitar you become more and more confident when playing in front of people. You also will become more confident and less shy in other areas of your life. Having more confidence while remembering to practice a bit of humility can greatly improve many aspects of your life.

It’s Fun!


The most important benefit of learning to play guitar is simply that it is a lot of fun. While sometimes getting started can prove to be a bit difficult, in the end learning guitar can be a very enjoyable lifelong endeavor. Playing music provides a sense of accomplishment, stress relief, and much more. Writing music by collaborating with other musicians is also a lot of fun.

So, if you are thinking about learning how to play guitar, try focusing on being creative, having fun, relieving stress, and all the other benefits of playing and you may find you have gained invaluable skills for life!


Interested in enrolling your child into one of our guitar programmes? Get in touch here.