In part 3 of our series, CJ talks to us about the improvements he has seen in classroom participation since we began delivering music lessons to his class. Last week we looked at the benefits of interactive learning. This week’s blog will uncover how those benefits contribute to long-term proactive participation in the classroom.



Why Music Education Should Be Kept in Schools – Part 3: Proactive Participation

  • Many teachers have given us positive feedback about the improvement in classroom participation, not only during our music lessons but in all aspects of school as a result our music programmes.
  • Teachers notice that boys in particular tended to shy away from music, drama, movement and art at the beginning of the year.
  • However, even the most reluctant students are now proactively involved as they’re realizing the fun element to learning and exploring music.


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Why Music Education Should Be Kept in Schools – Part 4: Round-up coming next week!


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