Performing as a music ensemble in front of an audience can sometimes be daunting. That’s why our music tutors encourage confidence, self-esteem and team-work in each music programme we deliver. As we learned in part 3, practice makes perfect. Here are a group of our recorder students performing proudly together, some of which had no musical experience at the start of the year!


Performing Proudly

  • As we come to the end of our Recorder in the Classroom series, we can see the all the students’ hard work throughout the year paying off.
  • This classroom performance is a practice run for the school’s end-of-year concert.
  • The students’ ability to perform proudly together as a music ensemble shows how much they have progressed as a team, as well as individual musicians.
  • Students are taught how to stand on stage, read music notation, focus and concentrate, and how to handle any slip-ups when they’re on stage for their big performance.


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Inside ‘Recorder in the Classroom’ – Part 4: Performing Proudly coming next week!


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