Following on from last weeks theme of our new workshops, this week we’ll be discussing our ‘Let’s Perform workshop!

With Musical Theatre becoming increasingly popular, we have decided to develop a one off workshop for schools- ‘Let’s Perform’. Incorporating music from musicals such as The Greatest Showman, Oliver Twist, Matilda and Annie, students form an ensemble and put on a class act at the end of the workshop.

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These Musical theatre sessions give students a glimpse into musical theatre. Commencing with team building ice-breaker activities, vocal warm ups and improvisation activities, these workshops are interactive throughout.

The group then learns a song to perform as an ensemble by the end of the session. The focus of these musical theatre workshops is to instill personal confidence and self-esteem in students, to build performance skills, and to improve not only musical ability but also teamwork and interpersonal skills.

The workshops finish with an end of session performance. These workshops are highly interactive and energetic, however each section is conducted in a calm, fun and non-pressurized environment.

Teamwork and performing as an ensemble boosts morale and self-esteem among students. Further to this, performing popular music from musicals proves to be an enjoyable experience that the class will never forget!

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If one of our music programmes is of interest to you, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you in further detail.