In the final edition of our new workshop series, we’ll be focusing on our brand new short programme ‘Mini-Musical’. Following on from last weeks workshop ‘Let’s Perform’, Mini-Musical is a 6-10 week short programme based on musical theatre.  Mini-Musical gives students the chance to develop skills weekly, rather than a one-off workshop. These musical theatre classes aim to give students the opportunity to express themselves through drama, movement and singing.

These high-energy, interactive classes give students the opportunity to explore singing, movement and drama, and further to that,  the ability to perform with confidence.

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Students will learn vocal technique, correct breathing and posture, vocal projection, expressive movement and drama during these classes. Students will combine these elements to tell a story and will learn how to use their voice and movement to ‘play a part’. Each student will have the responsibility of playing a part. Students will also be given the opportunity to get creative, taking part in improvisation and games. By combining three different elements- singing, dance and drama- students get the opportunity to explore different areas, and may discover an aptitude, interest or talent they didn’t realize they had!

This short programme ends in a classroom performance combining all elements of skills learnt throughout the course.  ‘A Class Act’ is the name of this final performance. Students can use this opportunity to showcase their performance skills.

An enjoyable and interactive programme with a part for every student,  ‘Mini-Musical’ is a project we are really excited about!


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