Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music resources for primary schools nationwide. Not only do we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes, we provide music resources for primary schools as well.

Music Resources For Primary Schools

Our music resources for primary schools are designed to help teachers to teach music in the classroom. Considering music resources for primary schools can be difficult to find, this means that many teachers struggle to teach music. Further to this, the challenge is finding resources that are firstly fun and engaging, and secondly, educational. However, there’s no need to worry! We have decided to share our resources completely free of charge! Why not adapt this blog post into a lesson plan to bring the world of music into your primary school classroom?

Our Composer Series

Our brand new composer series introduces students to the world of composing! Focusing on a well known composer every two weeks, students will learn all about the background, history and work of some of the worlds most famous composers! This series is a great way for students to gain an understanding of how music is made, and an appreciation of all different genres of music. Further to this, students also gain an understanding of the culture and history surrounding the music. Following on from last week, when we learnt all about the famous composer Mozart, this week we will be exploring his music. Read on to learn more!


Music resources for primary schools needed for this lesson




Each student to have paper and pencils/crayons.

Tell the class that today we will be listening to a few pieces that Mozart composed.

Activity One: Clip One

Piano Sonata No. 11 in A: Turkish March

This is a very famous piano song. Many students will have heard this song. An important thing in this song for students to listen out for is the change in tempo and mood throughout the song. Play the clip below for students.

Questions for class

Q: Has anyone ever heard this song before?

Q: What instrument is being played?

A: The piano.

Q: Is the song loud or quiet/sad or happy/fast or slow etc?

A: Let children give their own interpretation.

Play song again, and this time get children to raise their hand whenever they hear a change in the tempo or mood of the song.


Clip Two – Queen of the Night Aria

Play song for class without video first. Ask them to describe what they thing is happening in the song. Then, play the video for class. Ask them again what they think the story behind the song is.

Questions for class

Q: What feelings do you feel when you hear this song?

Q:What do you imagine is happening as this song is being played?

Q: Did you prefer the first song or the second one? Why?


Activity Two

Play songs again for students. Each student to have paper and pencils/crayons. Get the students to draw what they see in their minds while each song is playing.


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