Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on our high quality music resources for primary schools. This week, we’ll be discussing a few ways to get students more involved in class. Considering this, a great way to get students more involved and enthusiastic about music is to incorporate their favorite songs into your lessons. This really excites students and reinforces that the music they like has value. Not every song has suitable lyrics and content for the classroom. Make sure to review any song suggestions that come from students before using them in class.

Music Resources for Primary Schools- Three ways to incorporate student’s favorite songs into your class

Music Star Chart:

Create a reward chart with a twist. The table/group that has the most stars at the end of the week gets to choose their favorite song. The class will get to listen to this song in class and have a dance party to it.

Class Performance:

Learn your class’s favorite song to perform at the next school assembly or event. You could set the class a theme like peace, love, hope etc and they then come up with song ideas that reflect this theme. Put all the ideas on the board and take a vote to decide which song to go with. Learn the song and let the students come up with some actions to incorporate into their performance.

Music Video:

Similar to the class performance, choose a song using the procedure above. Then create a music video for the song. Appoint a director, choreographer, videographer, singers, dancers, actors etc. Rehearse for a few weeks before recording the video. This is a brilliant way to incorporate movement, drama and technology into your music lesson.


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