Welcome to our new music education series – Music and Mindfulness! Here at the Mobile Music School, not only do we develop children’s musical ability through fun, interactive music programmes; we also offer students a calm and relaxing break from their busy school week through one-on-one after-school music lessons. In this series we will talk to our talented guitar tutor Zoe who tell us her secret to unlocking music and mindfulness in students.


De-Stress From School with Music and Mindfulness

  • Since we began delivering after-school music programmes in 2011, we have found that there are so many other benefits to music education than just becoming proficient on a musical instrument.
  • Our students use their fun-filled music lessons as a form of escapism during their busy week at school.
  • Winding down after an academic day is important to relax the mind and body, and to prepare for another day of learning.
  • Music education acts as the perfect de-stressor as it encourages mindfulness while also teaching discipline in an enjoyable way.


After-school Music Lessons

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Music and Mindfulness – Part 2: Child-centred Music Programmes coming next week!