This year’s music lessons in Rush NS are back with a bang! A highly engaging and interactive 8-week ‘Learn & Explore’ programme has been underway since September. New Mobile Music tutor Sophie O’Carroll delivers weekly music classes to the wonderful 3rd and 6th class pupils. Like many of our music programmes for schools this year, we are returning to Rush NS for our 4th year of music lessons!


‘Learn & Explore’ – Music in the Classroom

These fun-filled, activity-based music lessons explore the world of music-making in an open and relaxed environment. Together with interactive games and hands-on learning, the children learn new musical skills and explore the world of music together. With every music lesson we deliver, our goal is to fuel students’ creativity with engaging content.


6th Class Music Lessons

To begin, 6th class students played improv clapping games and tonic solfa games as energetic warm-up exercises. Then, the class group sang ‘Oh When the Saints’ and ‘Frere Jacques’. Sophie and the students had great fun performing Frere Jacques as an ensemble, including an ostinato on un-tuned percussion instruments.

The students even composed their own chants accompanied by a melodic ostinato. For this task, the class split into groups and were given a theme about of an animal, eg. Mouse, cat, bird. Next, each group created a chant to perform while the rest of the class sang the ostinato and kept the pulse by clicking their fingers.

All in all, 6th class were full of enthusiasm and engagement! Seeing all of our students fully participating and enjoying themselves makes teaching music a real pleasure.




3rd class Music Lessons

Similarly, 3rd class had a ball singing ‘Why Shouldn’t My Goose’ and ‘Donkeys and Carrots’ in a round with ostinato on percussion. Then, they performed in groups with some students singing melody, some performing round, some keeping pulse on percussion and some playing ostinato on percussion. Mobile Music tutor Sophie noticed how students loved the challenge of singing in a round. In fact, it even encouraged them to make dynamic and tempo suggestions of their own!


More from the Mobile Music School

To learn more about our Music in the Classroom programmes for schools, please see our Short Programmes page. If one of our music programmes if of interest to you, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you in further detail.


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