Our music lessons in Portlaoise Educate Together NS are full of fun and enthusiasm every Thursday. Mobile Music tutor Sophie is busy delivering ‘Learn & Explore’ music lessons as well as recorder lessons.

‘Learn & Explore’ – Music in the Classroom

These fun-filled, activity-based music lessons explore the world of music-making in an open and relaxed environment. Together with interactive games and hands-on learning, the children learn new musical skills and explore the world of music together. With every music lesson we deliver, our goal is to fuel students’ creativity with engaging content.


Music Lessons with the Juniors

Junior, Senior and 1st class have most recently been learning the musical story ‘The Little House.’ They explored creating different voices for the different animals i.e. squeeky high voice for Mrs Mouse and big, booming voice for Big Brown Bear. They chose the best percussion instrument to represent each animal and played them to accompany the voices in the musical story.


Musician of the Month

A big well done to Evan from Sinéad’s junior infants’ class who won musician of the month!

Portlaoise Educate Together NS music lessons


Recorder in the Classroom – Recorder Lessons for Schools

Learning the recorder is a simple and affordable way for schools to introduce students to the world of music and to develop a successful music programme with tangible results. Through the use of enjoyable music and backing tracks, classes aim to develop the technical and musical abilities of pupils on the recorder, whilst allowing their musical awareness, confidence and self-esteem to develop.

During classes students learn how to read music notation, play as part of a group and perform at school concerts and events.


Recorder Lessons with the Seniors

Mobile Music tutor Sophie also delivers recorder lessons to 2nd-6th class. All students have learned notes B-A-G and have been playing basic pieces using these notes. To date, the classes have learned crotchets, minims, semibreves and about the stave and treble clef.

Throughout the different age groups, each class love playing Sam’s Silly Song using varying dynamics and tempos. With this song, a group of students accompany the class on un-tuned percussion while they play the piece.

Musician of the Month has also been awarded. All the students are progressing really well – it’s so hard to choose!


More from the Mobile Music School

To discuss these music lessons for primary schools in more detail, please contact us. For more information, please see our Primary Schools page or our FAQs



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