Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music lessons for primary schools nationwide. Each year we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes to hundreds of schools, libraries, youth centres and language schools nationwide! Each week, out tutors are working hard across the country to provide high quality music education to students.

Music lessons for Primary Schools

Our music lessons for primary schools keep us extremely busy throughout the year! Unfortunately, in this current climate, we’ve all had to adapt to big changes in 2020! However, our music lessons for primary schools are back with a bang! As a result, we have been facilitating music lessons in primary schools nationwide. Today, we’re going to be explaining our Little Musicians programme in Stepaside ETNS- what it is, what it involves, and how the classes are going. Read on to learn more!

Little Musicians classes

Aimed at children in preschools, junior and senior infants this pre-instrumental programme introduces children to the world of music through action songs, percussion instruments, and musical games. In these classes, the children learn about music from all corners of the world. In addition, the children learn about different instruments, styles of music, and musical techniques from all around the world. Through listening and responding to music; learning about the instruments of the orchestra, the conductor and the composer; and performing on a weekly basis, each child develops a love of music and a range of transferable musical skills. Further, each child will develop a sense of self-confidence, and may even discover some hidden musical talent! At the end of this programme children will be in a position to start instrumental tuition.

Stepaside ETNS

Our fabulous tutor Bethany has been delivering Little Musicians classes every week in Stepaside ETNS. Bethany has been using story telling to introduce the children to the world of music, and the students love learning about all the aspects of music through these stories! Each week, the students have been put through their paces with lots of fun-filled, individual singing games. Further Bethany has introduced them to all kinds of music, from classical to pop. Bethany plays the class a piece of music each week. The class then share their thoughts on what they think might be happening, and what instruments they can recognise.

COVID 19- Are these music lessons for primary schools safe?

To ensure the utmost safety in these classes:

  • Bethany has completed a COVID-19 safety training course
  • The students of Stepaside ETNS partake in these classes outdoors
  • We have trained Bethany how to follow government guidelines. What to do in potential situations, and how to manage COVID-19 in the classroom has been covered.
  • We’ve supplied Bethany with face masks, visors, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes
  • Further to this, each piece of equipment is wiped down after each use with an alcohol wipe
  • We have made this programme social distance-friendly. We’ve also given each Bethany place markers to ensure all children keep social distance

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