Music lessons for primary schools

Our music lessons for primary schools  keep us extremely busy throughout the year! Unfortunately, in this current climate, we’ve all had to adapt to big changes over the last few months! This means that our music lessons for primary schools have unfortunately been interrupted due to these changes. With primary, secondary and music schools closed, music lessons for primary schools nationwide unfortunately came to a halt. With the country beginning to reopen, the good news is, we’ve been planning our music lessons and programmes for next year, and are really looking forward to coming back with a bang! Today, we’re going to be explaining our Glee Club after school programme- what it is, what it involves, and why you might be interested! Read on to learn more.


Glee Club- What does it involve?

Developed from our singing workshops for schools and our musical theatre workshops for schools, the Mobile Music School’s ‘Glee Club’ focuses on singing and performing current songs. These after school classes combine singing, technique and movement. Further, they culminate in a class act, where the class perform what they have learnt.  In these workshops, students learn about posture, breathing, vocal technique and projection. Students also learn how to express themselves through music. Through a set of structured, fun-based activities and exercises, each student will develop their sense of pitch and vocal range. Each student will also learn how to improve their ability to breathe effectively whilst singing and how to project their voice effectively.

What can students expect to get from these classes?

  • understanding of the core musical elements as their ability as singers develops
  • the opportunity to perform a range of new and old songs
  • develop a life-long interest in singing, performing and the arts

These classes are a hugely popular and enjoyable after-school class as they appeal to a wide variety of pupils. Our course gives students the opportunity to sing many of their favourite songs and introduces them to many timeless classics!

If you wish to enquire about our singing workshops for schools, music theatre workshops for schools, or any of our ‘Music in the Classroom’ programmes, please contact us to discuss these options in further detail.