When it comes to delivering music in secondary schools, the Mobile Music School ensures all TY students are immersed in a highly energetic, fun-filled music-making session. Our Secondary School workshops include singing, musical theatre, and drumming. However, brand new for the year 2020/21, we have added a brand new workshop to our stellar line up-  Bodhrán workshops for schools! We bought plenty of brand new bodhrán’s, and the students have been loving them so far!


 The Bodhrán

The bodhrán is one of Ireland’s oldest traditional musical instruments. An iconic Irish drum, the bodhrán is one of a small select family of Celtic instruments that is stated to pre-date Christianity. A round frame drum, the average bodhrán is approximately one foot (30cm) in diameter. A skin is stretched tightly across one side of the instrument to be struck to create sound, while the other side is left exposed to change the pitch with ones hand.


Music In Secondary Schools- Our Bodhrán Workshops

We wanted to include this iconic Irish instrument in our workshops and music in secondary schools programmes. During these workshops, each group will receive one 80 minutes, hands on percussion session. Each student will have their own bodhrán. These sessions are full of fun and energetic activities. These activities ensure that every student is engaged and interested throughout. Further, these fun, energetic activities always ensure a joyful atmosphere in our bodhrán workshops for secondary schools. Our music tutors always ensure that each music session is interactive and engaging. Each tutor creates an environment that is relaxing and open for every student to express themselves.

Each group will cover a wide range of material, including extensive ear training and instrument technique. Some other basic music notation will be covered, including minims, crotchets, quavers and semi-quavers and their associated rests. The students will also cover the role of the composer and experiment with creating different rhythms. Following this, the students will perform as an ensemble.


Our bodhrán workshops have been a huge success so far!


Covid Measures

This year, we’ve incorporated brand new Covid measures, to ensure the safety of all our staff and clients. To learn more about these measures, click here.


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