Here at the Mobile Music School, we’re passionate about music in primary schools! We love delivering music programmes across primary schools nationwide! For the year 2022/23, we were delighted to be asked back to Rush National school, where MMS tutor Karen will deliver another year of Ukulele and Learn and Explore in the Classroom.

Music in Primary Schools- Ukulele/Learn and Explore

This year, in Rush NS, we will be delivering both Ukulele and Learn and Explore classes. Read on to find out what each of these classes consist of.


Our Ukulele classes are a real hit in primary schools! These classes teach children how to be technically and musically proficient playing the ukulele. Each week, their ability to read music notation and perform as part of an ensemble increases. These classes incorporate set material, which enables the children to become proficient musicians, and also incorporates choice material, such as current pop songs. This diversity in repertoire means that there is something for everyone in these classes!

Learn and Explore

Our Learn and Explore programme is an interactive, fun and activity based programme. This programme introduces children to the world of music, and aims to give every child who participates a firm musical foundation. Each class discovers the components that make up music including: the conductor and composer, the beat and rhythm, listening and responding to music from around the world, composing music, music notation and song singing. During this programme, the children take part in many group performances in the classroom.


Music in Primary Schools- Rush NS

Karen will begin in Rush National School in September, all the way up until the end of June 2023. As Karen will be there weekly, the pupils will have plenty of time to develop their musical skills! We’re really looking forward to going back to Rush NS, and we hope they enjoy their lessons!


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