Here at the Mobile Music School, we believe an open, relaxed environment helps to students to learn and boosts their confidence and self-esteem. This week we will be talking to teacher Aoife again about how our classroom music programmes and professional music tutors encourage participation and boost confidence in the classroom. The Mobile Music School doesn’t just deliver music lessons, we engage students and encourage them to develop and grow into confident young musicians.



Why Music Education Matters – Part 2: Encouraging Classroom Participation

  • Aoife talks to us about how weekly music lessons from our professional music tutor, Sophie, has engaged every single student to participate in all classroom lessons.
  • Aoife explains this boost in self-esteem is a direct affect from music education from the Mobile Music School.


Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • As a primary school teacher, Aoife found that when teaching music herself there were always a number of shy and timid students who didn’t feel comfortable participating in any activity that involved movement and self-expression.
  • However, within just a few months of our tutots’ unique, child-centre teaching style, Aoife observed that every student in the class is now happy to participate.

“The more shyer, sensitive, self-conscious kids are now joining in front and centre.”

Increasing Child Development and Personal Growth
  • This continuous positive reinforcement from our experienced music tutors trickles into all other non-musical activities too.
  • Being encouraged to play music, perform and express themselves at a level that is comfortable for them is hugely beneficial for children’s development and personal growth in all aspects of their lives.



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