Last week in part 2 of our ‘How Music Education Benefits Students’ series, we discussed some of the many tangible benefits of weekly music education lessons, such as pride, passion and discipline in music. Part 3 of our 4-part series will see us exploring how music education can enhance cultural awareness and spark a curiosity for classical music in school children.


How Music Education Benefits Students – Part 3: Increasing Cultural Awareness

Both a parent and a teacher in Stratford NS, Siobhán speaks to the Mobile Music School about how her daughter Ailbhe’s after-school piano lessons with the Mobile Music School have developed a natural curiosity for classical music and have deepened her desire to learn about the composers who wrote the pieces she’s playing.

Cultural Awareness
  • Not only do our professional music tutors teach the practicalities of music such as music notation and sight-reading, but they also focus on immersing students into the wonderful world of music.
  • Having a deep understanding of the genres of music they’re playing enhances children’s cultural awareness.
Curiosity for Classical Music and Composers
  • By encouraging cultural awareness in a fun, interactive and educational way, our students form a natural curiosity for even the more complicated genres like classical music.
  • Taking part in weekly music lessons that explore the world of music introduces young children to different genres of music with the aim of sparking a personal interest and connection with the music.

Desire to Learn

  • With the excitement of learning pieces by Beethoven and Mozart, our students are eager to learn more about these fascinating composers that wrote the songs they play.
  • Discussing material learned in class at home is a great way for students to incorporate music into their every day life.
  • This desire to learn trickles into all aspects of school life, setting the foundations for future learning.


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