Last week in our ‘How Music Education Benefits Students’ series, one of our student’s parents, Siobhán, talked to us about how her 7 year-old daughter has been encouraged to explore the language and mood of music in her after-school piano lessons with the Mobile Music School. This week, part 2 of our series will discuss some of the other tangible benefits of weekly music education lessons with us, such as pride, passion and discipline in music.



Taking Pride in Your Music
  • Our experienced and dedicated music tutors gradually boosts the confidence of our students week-on-week with their child-centred learning-style.
  • This holistic approach helps to form well-rounded young musicians who take pride in their ability to play their musical instrument and perform in front of an audience.
Sharing Our Passion for Music Education
  • Not only are our tutors passionate about music education, but their enthusiasm rubs off on our students too.
  • Being encouraged to progress and develop from week to week in a fun, interactive and educational way has really helped our students to form a natural passion for their instrument.

Learning Discipline

  • Staying disciplined is one of the hardest feats of learning to play a musical instrument.
  • However, with our ‘little and often’ practice approach, students have learned how to be disciplined with their music practice.
  • Learning discipline from a young age is hugely beneficial for all aspects of life as children develop and grow up to be more independent.


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How Music Education Benefits Students – Part 3: Increasing Cultural Awareness coming next week!


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