We are delighted to have had yet another great month with the girls in Donabate NS, who have shown tremendous progress since beginning their Guitar Tuition and Glee Club last September.

With guitar lessons, a lot of time can be taken up by tuning and preparation. To maximize each session, Mobile Music tutor Haleigh has been helping students to time themselves with a stop watch in order to speed up tuning at the start of class; the girls are getting better and better as the weeks go on.

The students have also been writing their own individual chord progressions as homework, and then performing them for each other in class. The girls love coming up with song titles for their pieces. We have seen a huge boost in their self-esteem over the course of the programme.  Since becoming closer as group of good friends, the girls are now completely comfortable performing in front of each other. It’s such a pleasure to see our students’ confidence build and grow week-on-week.

In Glee club the girls have just finished learning a song from Disney’s Tangled, and are starting to sound really great. We can’t wait to get back to more fun-filled classes after the mid-term.

If you wish to enquire about any of our music workshops or programme, please contact Shay on 087 299 5666 or email us at admin@mobilemusicschool.ie